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Electrosteel USA

Electrosteel USA

Who is Electrosteel USA?

Electrosteel USA (EUSA) is the North American subsidiary of Electrosteel Castings (ECL). ECL is the third largest producer of DIP in the world with an impeccable reputation throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the Americas. EUSA has been active in North America for 13+ years with over 2 million feet of AWWA pipe installed without a single issue. Our DIP meets or exceed all AWWA, ANSI and NSF standards. We maintain UL, FM and ISO 9001 certifications for our products and include zinc coating for no additional cost.

Why haven’t I heard of Electrosteel USA

DIP is sold primarily through a network of distributors. For the past several decades, distributors have been consolidated into a handful of national companies who have aligned themselves with one of our competitors. Their alignment prevents them from offering alternate brands of DIP. We have therefore struggled to gain access to markets where distribution partners are not available.

What is zinc coating?

Zinc coating is a sacrificial layer of metalized zinc designed to corrode before the ductile iron. Without additional protection, metallized zinc works very similar to a zinc anode. The practice of protecting the metallized zinc with a protective barrier of epoxy was pioneered in the 1950’s. This additional step significantly extends the protection offered by the metalized zinc and is now the preferred method for protecting DIP. This is the reason users see red and blue DIP when travelling through Europe instead of traditional black DIP. EUSA offers both asphalt and epoxy topcoats.

Electrosteel USA

What does Electrosteel Offer?

3”-36” AWWA DIP, classes 150 through 53.

Proprietary Pushlok RJ system through 24”

Tnemec’s Perma Shield 431 interior protective sewer lining

3”-24” zinc coated MJ and Flange fittings

3”-24” Fabricated DIP

Enhanced competition for user’s DIP business. Adding EUSA to a project routinely lowers DIP prices by >15%

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For the past several weeks we have had some of our partners send us their inventory list of items they are wanting to move. We have compiled all of the items onto the spreadsheet below. As items are sold and added, we will be updating this list and try and get it sent back out biweekly for now but, eventually every week. We will be working to also include pricing as well but for now email us for any price inquiries. If you have items you would like added to this list, please send them in excel format to, If you have items you would like added to our website and shared on our socials, please send us an email with pictures, price, etc.

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