February Newsletter

grabbit omo

Featured Product

This month we would like to feature a new product called the Grabbit O.M.O. The GRABBIT O.M.O is pat. pending debris removal tool, a tool designed with safety and cost effectiveness in mind. The safety aspect being not having to send a employee into a confined space to have to retrieve a large and bulky debris that until now was the only way to remove said debris or even if the object is small as in hand tools, cell phones, or even smaller such as bolts and nuts. ​ The cost aspect being that once the GRABBIT O.M.O is used only a few times it virtually pays for it self in less man power and equipment cost where as it takes at least 3 employees, hoist, harness, ventilation, and possibly fresh air to do a confined space entry, The GRABBIT O.M.O is a ONE MAN OPERATION.

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